​Genpro International, Inc. is a full distribution company with offices in Manila, Saipan and Guam.  In 1993, Tri and Natividad Bui (a husband and wife team) founded Genpro International, Inc. in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.  The company started as a small garment trading company and slowly evolved into a full distribution company specializing in U.S., Philippine and Asian name-brand food and non-food products.        


SAIPAN - 1993

Genpro Intermational, Inc. in Saipan was the very first full distribution branch we opened.  Aside from carrying numerous grocery products and general merchandise, we are also the exclusive distributors of Monde-Nissin, Panamex LTD. (Australia), RFM, San Miguel Foods, Firtrite, KSK, Cenmaco Food Corp., Q-Phils, Marigold Corporation, Unilever Philippines, 7D Foods (Cebu), and Tigifoods (Vietnam).  The office and warehouse facility is over 5,000 sq. ft. and is on a 3,000 square meter property.  Our Saipan sales and marketing team has 12 full-time employees who services over 300 customers.       


After a decade, Genpro International opened its Regional Area Headquarters in Taguig City, Philippines.  The 800+ Square Meter warehouse serves as our regional headquarters and buying office mainly for the Philippine products.  The Regional HQ also acts as the logistics office and consolidating point for our Saipan, FSM, RMI and Guam markets.   And because we consolidate our own containers and buy directly from manufacturers, we can ensure our customers only the freshest products at the most competitive prices.       


GUAM - 2009

Our Guam office was opened in 2009 with a very small operation.  But after only a few years, the business grew steadily and now the office and warehouse is housed in a brand new, 8,500 sq. ft. full-service, typhoon-proof facility in Adrian Sanchez Street, Harmon.  The Guam team services 380 stores and outlets all over the island with 10 full-time employees.   In Guam, we are the exclusive distributors of Panamex LTD. (Australia), San Miguel Foods, Firtrite, KSK, Cenmaco Food Corp., Q-Phils, Marigold Corporation, Unilever Philippines, 7D Foods (Cebu), and Tigifoods (Vietnam).  We also carry numerous quality Philippine and Asian grocery products.


Everyday, Genpro International, Inc. continues to grow and has positioned itself as one of the best Philippine product distributors in Guam and Saipan.   In the next few years, we plan to expand into the military market as well as develop our tourism-related business.  We will also expand our lines not only from the Philippines but as well as products from all over the world.  We welcome new suppliers as well as new business opportunities.      


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